I Dreamed Of A Printer

[COLOR=“Purple”][FONT=“Book Antiqua”][SIZE=“5”]Last night I dreamed that a printer printed an actual car. No, not an image of a car, but an actual car. When I woke up I tried to remember if I actually saw news stories on new printers that will print actual 3d objects. I searched on the web but have yet to find anything. I thought that would be a groovy new field to get into. So I ask all my SitePoint Friends. Are there emerging printers out there that can actually print real 3d objects or should I call the nearest coo coo farm to take me away?
Thank you

I did find this article after printing again: Real Object Printing

Call the nearest asylum just in case, but I have a friend who invented a device a few years ago, and the prototypes were spat out by a machine that was very much like a 3D printer. Quite amazing. I think it used lasers etc.

EDIT: When I say spat out, I should add that it took hours for a small object to emerge from the machine, so it’s not quick. It cost a lot of money, too.

Huh. Laser printing is actually an older technology than thermal printing. Who’d a thunk?

That is a fascinating article AD. Especially the bit about 3D microfabrication. “Printing” working machines? That’s just wacky.

Well, it would be nice… when you need the car, you print it, use it and if you can’t park, you throw it to the bin… because you can always print another one!

I guess that there should be enough colors and tyres and metals in the printer to be able to do so but… it is a choice, I guess :smiley: