I don't know anything about computer world

How this forum is helpful to me? How I can get best out of it?

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Participate [actively] in discussions. Read, learn, contribute and become a part of the community here.


There are a couple of things that we can do for you here. Firstly, if you are looking for a place to start (or a direction) for a web career or hobby, we can help you plan that out.
Once you’re on your way, we can support you in your learning. At the same time you might make some friends. :slight_smile:

What is your interest in web development?

Be apart of it. If have anything to ask the go for it or if you know something that has been asked by other users then answer them. Participation is requires here.

Thank you so much! You are my first friend who welcomed me. Can all friends can discuss on my thread ? From Where should I start ? See you…

Hi! Sarah Hawk. I have gone through your link. I have goggled about web development. Though, this is informal but, can I learn web development? Where should I put my first foot. I have already mentioned that I out of computer world. I’m accountant and management student and have great interest in e commerce. Will be very happy and grateful to get reply if you will reply.

Thank you very much!

No problem. The best place to start is to get a good understanding of HTML and CSS. We have a few great resources for beginners that you should find useful. If you prefer to learn by reading books, give this one a go. If a course is more your thing, [URL=“https://learnable.com/courses/build-your-first-website-getting-started-with-html-css-2279?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=recommendation”]this is a good one.

You can use the forums here for support along the way. Just ask questions when you get stuck. :slight_smile:

Hi sakirehman,

I think W3C website/w3schools.com is perfect for you. You will learn the basics of web development, what to learn first, and how to apply your knowledge.

Just adding my two cents.

Take a book and read it from starting…whenever you are not bale to understand anything then simple come here and as you queries. :slight_smile:

This forum definitely can be beneficial to learn computer. I think by questioning here you can learn better and easily.

Thanks for sending the site. The most loveable part is that it is free to learn.

Happy to get so care taker friends in very short span of time. I’m studying in the S.D. School of commerce, Gujarat University (Ahmadabad-Gujarat-India). My college does not have it’s own site. So, I got here my intention. First to go and create my own college’s website, So, all the students can connect themselves at one place. What are benefits to go to asp.net or php than just going to wordpress?

And, for content I have already planned all the things.

My next step is to learn either language or directly I can go to the Wordpress.

Please correct me whenever I found wrong. Love to change me.

Wordpress is in PHP. I’ve never used asp.net so can’t compare them. If your development environment is set up for both (or you have two development servers 1 running asp.net and 1 running php) try doing basic things like interacting with a database, working with arrays etc in both to get a feel for how each one is to work with.

In any case, what’s your HTML and CSS coding like?


I was able to enroll myself on an online website, they got good training on the site including PHP, HTML,PMP Course and CSS.

I was a .NET developer. It is a very structured environment that allows for little flexibility. I think if someone is looking to be widely employable, then PHP would be the way to go.

be a part of it . do lot’s activity like : que. ans. spend as time as you can

Its a ncie place to learn through sharing & caring. However go with methodology. Pick the topic you think will be th emost important to you and start following it , discussing it. As forums offer ample space to discuss and excel your skills. Good luck

Better way to learn can be ask questions and get answers.

There’s a huge reesource of information on here. Look around for areas that interest you. I’ve read so much useful info on here.

If you have specific issues, start a thread and look for help.

If you have expertise to share, help other people who are looking for assistance.

That’s what any forum is about!