I donated to Jquery and didn't get a free eBook

Can someone just give me a free ebook? I’ve actually emailed them about 5 times and no one from their conservatory has contacted me. It’s a part of this whole thing here: http://jquery14.com/

I’m frankly pretty pissed off as I’m unemployed and trying to study and learn some new things. I just need some books man.

  1. It says not to contact them and 2) It says that the eBooks will be distributed starting on Tuesday, January the 19th. (that’s tomorrow) :wink:

It also said you have to donate a minimum of $20 in case you missed that too. :smiley:


ah okay. I missed the 19th part. I did donate the proper amount however. Thanks.

No free book for me.

My only guess is I donated a day early. Anyhow, anyone have a free ebook I can have? I’m broke.

I guess I’m looking for something relating to programming and web development. Something on JQuery would be nice.


SitePoint are publishing a book on jQuery. According to Amazon it will be released sometime around the 1st of Feb