I did mistake in Google+ page?

Hello friends, My problem is as follows. When I input my website name in Google then it also shows the G+ page. but by my mistaken I kept on doing work by making new G+ page in my own account for same website. I have done a lot of work for this page which is in my personal account. Now before some time I came to know that Google is showing different G+ page which was designed by other person. that page have very few followers which is showing by Google.

Did you get my point or not , I even do not know , Can I add my g+ page from my person account to other account, Is it possible. please help me.

No you can’t get your G+ account to other G+ account.

True! You can’t really get your G+ account to your other G+ account.

Sorry it is not possible to add it now, Contact that person if he links to your website.

Thread closed, as the OP never returned and there doesn’t seem to be anything else to say.