I created website, what now? How to add a domain?

I’ve just finished building website for my small business. Now I would like to set in into web with for example .uk domain. How to do that?

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You need to find a hosting company, purchase hosting and a domain name, and follow their instructions to upload your files. You don’t need to register the domain with the same company you use for hosting, but it might be simpler to do so if this is your first site.

This is an old document, but you might find it helpful:
FiveStepstoFindaGreatHost.pdf (126.8 KB)

There are also free hosting options such as https://www.netlify.com/, which has been recommended by a number of members here. If you choose this option, you will still need to register a domain, and you will also need to arrange email hosting, if required.


One word of warning; if you go with a company that has a free domain offer check who actually owns the domain name. I had dealings with a company that went with the free domain name and when they wanted to move hosts the hosting company wanted quite a lot of money for the domain name as they owned it.


Very good point indeed. You want to make sure you’re the owner of the domain name.

And to add an extra layer I would investigate if the domain name you’re going to buy doesn’t have an history.
I had a bad experience with a customer of mine who purchased a nice domain name with few letters, great he said. Well no so great actually: the domain name was blacklisted all over the place as at some stage it had been hacked and used for phising, etc. It was then, 3 years before my client purchased the domain name, flagged by Google and any post done with a mention of that domain in social network were blocked. And more annoying some browsers were blocking its access, especially from computer using AVG or Bitdefender antivirus.

It took me a month to have that name cleaned from any blacklist and allowed to post in Tweeter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
To check a domain name history go to Wayback Machine (archive.org),
to check Google Safe Browsing go to Safe Browsing – Google Safe Browsing,
to check a domain name history go to Domain History Checker (whoisrequest.com),
to check a website online reputation go to Check if a Website is Malicious/Scam or Safe/Legit | URLVoid

I wrote a note in Spanish about carefully choosing a domain name on my website here


Always do you due diligence when looking for hosting, some companies can be awfully shady.

Depends on what kind of site you have. But in any case, you will need to choose a hosting with adequate tariffs for you, depending on the expected load on the flow of site users. You can also buy the domain you need there. I also advise you to pay attention to the quality of service and feedback.