I can't use Comic Sans!

Help meh!

I really want to use Comic Sans for my profile page, but whenever I change the setting, it reverts back to a serif font. It’s part of my profile redesign. :slight_smile:


Or does SPF just not allow Comic Sans out of principal?


The system is just trying to protect you from yourself. You know that the use of Comic Sans on this site results in an instant ban, right? … Ahem, only joking. I’m sorry, I’m not sure why that’s happening. Perhaps use this system bug to your advantage, though. :smiley:

I have interesting taste :wink:


.taste {display: none;}

I think that that’s what everyone else wishes :smiley:


Maybe I’ll add it to my user style sheet for your profile page. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel this is appropriate to link here.

Seems Sitepoint is being nice to you.

PS-The bug happens to me too. Kind of strange. The CSS stylseheet has it as “Comicmic Sans MS”, along with a few other strange font families. Probably just a simple mistake.

Remember what you said to me when I used Comic Sans for a few words in one of my posts? :cool: SPF don’t take no dissin’ of da staff. It will have its revenge!

Probably should still be fixed, though.

Ouch. Just…ouch.

It’s alive! It’s aliiiiiive!


Trebuchet MS is also affected, just to note :-/.