I cant see the error?

I designed my site in Firefox and it looks great, but this lady uses /IE and she says there’s seems to be a lot of whitespace. I cant seem to find the problem. Just submitted the site to browsershots

Here;s the site.

She might just be talking about when the content does not have a length equal to or exceeding the left navigation, there is an amount of space between the bottom border and the bottom of the page. You should ask here where she sees the space.

Look at the screenshot for IE 6, the content area (right side) is down below the left float. I don’t have IE 6 installed anymore (but I guess some people do)

http://browsershots.org/screenshots/686e49bc2ccfba32fe907f496dfb35e6 Also Avant is having the same issue, but my guess is it is using the IE 6 rendering engine: http://browsershots.org/screenshots/aa51ca6270927c96a1bed3f6a664f704


Biggest mistake there is, developing an entire page to just one browser instead of testing in EACH browser AS YOU GO. The float drop error because you miscalculated the widths is just the tip of the iceberg on problems with said page – presentational images in the markup, multiple nested div for no good reason, gibberish/nonsensical use of heading tags in the sidebar, paragraphs around non-paragraph elements, double breaks doing paragraphs job, extra div around UL for no good reason…

… and this is why I dislike fixed width layouts – even when creating fixed width I design for fluid; you’re declaring the width on the right side area when an overflow state on it instead would prevent the indent.

My advice would be it needs to be pitched and started over – this time with more attention to semantics and easing up on the use of DIV and P… a LOT… and to swing an axe at the annoying popups on the links and the auto-playing music inside them.

Will do

Ihave 2 div inside the content div (sidebar and “liquid…”)\
I set a fixed width the the sidebar one and float it to the left, then on the liquid… one I give it a margin-left to make room for the #sidebar. how do I make it so the liquid div does not have a fixed width and give it an overflow state?