I Can't publish article in Wordpress Blog!

Today i tried to publish article in my wordpress blog. I can’t preview the post, when i click preview option it shows “404 error”. so i tried to add image for that post. i can’t do that.

Hi !!! From yesterday am trying to post article in my wordpress blog. but i can’t do it. I can’t post new article or edit existing one. And i can’t add images. I have deactivated Yoast plugin and installed it. I can’t find the error. help me dude

Hi, @PraveenkumarElango. What theme are you using for your blog? Did you try deactivating all your plugins, testing your site, and then re-activating them one at a time to see if one of them are causing the problem?

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Now i fixed that error dude !!! Unfortunately I delete one Js file in wordpress. I am using genesis theme.

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