I can't Create Nest Master Pages!

I am using VWD 2005 Express and every time I try to create a nested master page, the select master option is not highlighted for selection.

This has never happened before so I wonder what in the world could be going on.

you can always handcode that part.

The designer doesn’t “understand” nested masters, code it by hand.

PS: You should update to 2008, no incompatibilities at all and much better designer features. Or 2010 in a few weeks . . .

Ahhh, I was hoping to avoid handing coding it webcosmo, but it looks like that is what I will have to do until I upgrade.

Which I think I will do wwb 99. I had no idea VWD 2010 was coming out soon, but thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for your replies!

Is there a specific reason that you want to use nested master pages? Can it not be achieved another way? Having one master and then controls? I know its a bit off topic, just trying to figure out the reason for using nested masters.

^^^Can’t speak to his scenario, but this is a very, very, very useful technique. Just about any significant web app we’ve built has used something like this since we’ve had master pages.

Couple examples:

One CMS-type app needed 2,3 & 4 column pages as well as others, with some common functionality outside the columns. Solution: dynamically nesting masters inside an “outside master”.

One LOB-type app needed to make any page work as a “normal” page or in a popup. Solution: dynamically nesting masters.

List goes on . . .

Something sort of similar to this issue, but instead of multiple columns, it’s different navigation options. I’m trying to create a horizontal navigation menu with a horizontal subnav with only CSS. The subnav changes per top level option so I plan on creating a nested master page for each top level menu option.

Is there some other way to achieve something like that without nested master pages? I’m up for suggestions that would make my life easier. :slight_smile:

Hmm, why not just make a menu control that lives on your master page. That fits the bill a bit better . . .

I agree. A menu control on master would be better suited. Or even in a UserControl of its own, but that is up 2 you.

Hmm, I have never thought of using the menu controls. I actually would have to educate myself a bit more on them, I’ve usually just used CSS and HTML for my menus.

I will have a look see and update!

Thanks guys for all of your help!

You can also just use a normal user control with your html and css in. But the only problem with that is that ur css will not be in the head by default, which is not ideal.

funny, after I posted on this thread I noticed I never had that option either on VS 2005. I always been hand coding that part:)

Lol, good to know. Here I was thinking I had some gimpy, knock-off VS '05 defect. :lol: