I can't copy text from Photoshop to notepad!

I have a PSD in Photoshop that contains lots of text I want to copy and paste into a simple notepad (or even Dreamweaver). However, it won’t copy the text. I can copy the text and paste it in other windows inside Photoshop, but no external programs!

Again…the text is not bitmap…it’s still vector/text…and I can edit the text …but I can’t copy and paste that same text in external programs like Notepad, etc.

Anyone have any clues on how to fix this? i suspect it may be a memory issue. I’m an experienced Photoshop user so I have already tried the usual CTRL+C, etc.

Going by memory here, but is there an option in the preferences to set how Photoshop handles the clipboard? I think there is but I can’t remember what options there are, you could try changing those to see if it helps.

The other thing you could try is pasting into different applications. My last work station was very frustrating in that I couldn’t copy text from Outlook without pasting it into Word then copy and pasting into my desired application. Who knows why but it worked particularly for pasting INTO photoshop. Perhaps it would work in reverse for you?

I guess the other thing to try is examining the clipboard to see what, if anything, is being copied via photoshop. If it is making it onto the system clipboard then it must just be a format issue.