I can’t transfer my pictures form camera to the pc

I can’t transfer my pictures form camera to the pc

you’re not following the instructions, obviously

If you are using the Memory card from the Camera and have a card reader make sure the card reader is working properly and you have the memory card in the right way. If you are using the USB cable from your Camera to your PC then make sure your USB cable is good or maybe you have a bad USB post.

You might have to first install software to your pc and then transfer it. Do you have the instructional manual?

Please try to be more detailed in your help request.
At least let us know your camera name/operating system

… and do tell if you are using a usb cable (a/b), firewire (4 6 or 8), memory card (SD, M2, etc). Most people have problems with Firewire.

Make sure USB port work properly for this check another thing that transfer data…

If you are using bluetooth to transfer the file, make sure both your phone and computer are compatible, I mean the application in your compute r that bridge both.

There are several things that you can check, firstly you can use memory card reader. then you can even transfer pictures via bluetooth. If its still not working then check the USB cables and the port.
If its not working then contact the customer care executive of the company whose camera you have purchased.
You can also install the CD of the camera that must have came with it and try the above steps again.

trying to install your camera’s driver on your computer.

This thread is rather old and the original poster is no longer interested so probably the problem was solved. Thread closed.