I can not find free domains

Does anyone know domain which is free , doable for business and it is not obligatory to take hosting with. I would have mine local hosting.

How do they act in search engines -google?

I’ve never heard of such a thing as a free domain. Some companies offer a “free” domain with hosting (and you need to check carefully what the conditions are before choosing a deal like that), but I’ve never seen domains offered free of charge with no conditions attached. I can’t imagine why anyone would offer such a service.

Dot.TK is the only domain that is free. I would never trust a Dot.TK site and I would assume Google would rank them very lot, if at all.

If a business can’t afford a $10/year domain registration, then I’m thinking it’s not much of a goer …


Free domains appear to be less credible than genuine and “paid for” domains in Google’s eyes as it’s easy for anyone to register a free one ie there are a lot of spammy sites associated with them. I wouldn’t bother to use one if you can help it as the value in a proper domain name (that doesn’t use any additional extensions that promote the domain provider) will help your site gain better authority in the long run.

A Dot.tk domain could be a great way to initially launch a site, just long enough to see if there is any interest and maybe raise the cash needed to afford a real launching of your idea, though. So, don’t rule out the idea of a Dot.tk domain name, completely. If you have a reason to build a throw-away site, it could be perfect.

I, personally would only use Dot.tk domains for short term experiments, though, where you are not sure if you want to invest more time and money into them. Once you know you will, get a real domain name for relaunch, and kill off the Dot.tk version, or redirect traffic from it to the new site.

The other exception might be for long term usage on low traffic sites where you have no intention of ever promoting them to a wider audience, generating an income from them with e-commerce, or you don’t really care if they are even included in Google’s search results, such as your resume or a portfolio site linked to on your resume.

Or a hands on, informational tutorial demo site, only intended for use by a small number of specific newbie clients, such as those you want to teach how to use specific features that you included on a site that you built for them, in a way where they can get hands on experience using it, without the risk of messing up their actual site.

I did this initially for a client that needed to learn how to use a custom gallery plugin that I included on his WP site, so he could play with it, and gain experience with it, before adding galleries to his real site. I ended up recycling the demo site for use with other plugins and clients, as well, and never changed it from its original Dot.tk domain name.

But like I said before, very limited audience, no desire to promote it, not selling anything from it, and I don’t care if Google even knows it exists.

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