I am webdesigner and need to update jquery of my web site

Hello, I am not a programmer but a webdesigner with some small knowledge in programming so I am facing a problem that may look easy to you experts but to me it’s really complicated :frowning:

I migrated my website from an international domain ( sitepor500.com ) to a national domain ( sitepor500.com.BR ) and before I imported the jquery localhost using “jquery/jquery.min.js”. Everytime I updated my jQuery I downloaded the most recent version from jquery and then renamed it to jquery.min.js

The problem is that I updated a very old version 1.6 to 1.9. in the national domain but some users are experiencing problems with my website since I use in my new domain the “.on()” method and users with 1.6 cached in their browser do not recognize the on() cause it used to be .live().

So my question is, how can I tell to that users browser that they should download again the file jquery.min.js and erase their cache? My apache in the old domain used to tell browser to cache de jquery.min.js to 12 months. The problem is that I changed the version inside my file and those browsers are not downloading the new version!

Thank you all for helping a webdesigner doing the job of a programmer hehe :slight_smile:


Try either renaming the file, e.g. jquery-1.9.min.js, or adding a query string to the file name, e.g. jquery.min.js?1.9.