I am unable to see my twitter followers list

I have created my twitter account 2 weeks ago and I am unable to see my followers list even the follower button. Though my friends are clicked the follow button in front of me.

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What’s your account name?

If this is you, then I’m sorry to break it to you, but you have no followers :frowning:


Maybe you could try tweeting something worth reading?


this is my account name but my friends clicked follow button in front of me on their phones but I did not receive any notification regarding this neither I am able to see followers option.

According to Twitter, you don’t have any followers.


They’re doing it wrong. I just followed you to prove it’s working. You now have one follower.

I’m expecting you to tweet amusing stuff now, mind…


Seriously though, the problem lies with your friends, or their phones. Maybe they unfollowed you again?

Either way, if you want to build a following, start tweeting worthwhile content, follow a bunch of people and see who follows you back and read up on general Twitter strategy.


Thank you so much pullo for your help I appreciate that. Yes I ll be working on twitter strategy to increase my following. Thanks again mate

Thank you for your assistance buddy.

Probably one of the two un-followed you and twitter hasn’t updated their cache yet to reflect the changes.