I am thinking about selling my website


I have been thinking about selling my dearest website www.easycash4life.com

at Flippa.com or here at this forum but i have no idea what price to set?

I get 10000 visitors per month-Make $250 in affiliate sales and rank high with 25000 backlinks-39 in Google.Alexa rank about 450.000


Are you asking for an appraisal? There are many professional appraisal services available where you will get a clear cut idea.

You’re not alone. Ive been trying to sell mine for a long time. i put together more than one idea and came up with a classifieds and directory website for a small community. please google ‘UGMART UGANDA’ if you want to see it as am not allowed links here, being a new member.

Hi Annette,

Going off Flippa averages over the last few days, a good ball park figure would be $2800, but you’re probably best letting the market decide in an open auction with a reserve about $1000.

Best of luck

I would sell it for 1500 min, you would need to show revenue for the past year

Thank you for your advice.

Im looking to sell my facebook RPG app which grows and has 8700 players but it has not monetized. I simply want to recoop some money and use it on a new project…know of other places i could place it up to sell?

Unfortunately many people are reluctant to buy FB apps as a change in policy could see everything disappear.

You could try Digital Point (can I say that here :slight_smile: ), Webmasters Marketplace or Website Broker.