I am not a remote mouse

Nearly yelled at my boss. We have a PDF printout generated in PHP that the client has requested be reformatted so that when the printout is folded triplicate and put in an envelope the addresses show up in envelope windows. This requires a couple things to be moved around. I figured I’d rework the document and get it to appearance match a redesign done on the receipts a few months ago.

But no. My boss wants it half-assed, moving just what needs to be moved to get it to fit and to Hell with what it looks like. He even had the audacity to specify what gets moved, to where and even by how much and what format. :rolleyes:

I’ve had too much of this demeaning BS. I am not his remote control mouse.

Become his new IE6 instead. :lol:

You know that BOSS is an initialism for ‘bane of subordinate staff’, right?

Never heard that one before. Still, his micromanagement and interference in day to day tasks, some of which (like SVN management) he doesn’t know anything about gets tiresome.

Sometimes certain bosses are there solely to test your patience and interfere with your plans. That’s what they are there for, making life interesting or complicating matters by adding their own input.

I agree with Xhtmlcoder… having a boss can be a real challenge… but what would life be with no challenges at all?

Also, there may be a misterious reason why your boss wants it that specific way… maybe he’s not the one who’s picky but the client! You never know. Clients can surprise you too… and the surprise is not always a nice one :wink:

Wow, you’d had a nice one? :lol:

I guess generally bosses want things done fast (quick ‘n’ dirty) while professionals like us want to do stuff properly (i.e. take more time).

If your boss is giving you a lot of BS, maybe it’s time to start looking out for other opportunities?

I assume that you’re making fun of my English and I probably deserve it… but right now I’m too tired to think about it :slight_smile:

No, not at all. I was expressing surprise that you’ve ever had a nice experience with a client. (Thus, I was being cynical—and a bit silly, I admit! :x )

Maybe your boss just needed to feel important today,
Maybe he needed to think he was better than you,
Maybe he has been getting his ass reamed over budget and production,
Maybe he needs to feel in control,
Maybe it is the customer

Or maybe you are in America where everything is becoming Half ASSED!

Good. Because when I’m tired I get the grammar all wrong but I’m not even able to think what I did wrong :smiley:

And I do have nice experiences with clients. My favourite is when I get paid :lol.

Would printing the address direct onto an envelope or onto an address label be an option? How many copies of the printed pdf will be sent out in the post?

That’s boss, the leader of the company. Leader is a person who has great goal and objectives and they need subordinates’ assistant to fulfill his goal.

Boss seems easy to be but as easy as you thought. That’s why there are bosses and subordinates. Take it easy, my friend. I read a book regarding creating good relationship in workplace from Dale Carnegie, a clause from the book : follow what your superior request, you will be promoted very soon.

To certain extent, we can practice the theory. And, I think you can use the theory to build the rapport with your boss :slight_smile: