I am looking for some options for creating a simple field app

I need to collect some data from some service people. I need a simple start button, a stop button and a pause / unpause button to record times and the ability to send the data to the office. I have considered using a PWA, and also using Google sheets with buttons triggering an app script. There must be other technologies I could use and wondering if anyone has suggestions. The field people have Android and iPhones. I would rather not do real apps for their respective app stores but open to suggestions or comments

Well I think you outlined pretty much the two options… create a native app and put it on their respective stores or create a web app that the mobiles can then visit and interact with. Other than having to put it on a store, that is pretty much going to be all that a dev is going to want to deliver an application.

For what you have mentioned already, being that it is simple, I would go with the PWA option and you can get something setup and running within a few days. It will also provide you the opportunity to then go and make updates and changes without needing to redeploy to the phones like you would have to do with a native app.

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