I am Facing Some Error With My Site

Hello, Group Members Recently I had a Problem With my URL.

I can’t understand what to do?

Can you figure it out and tell what to do. Here are the pics I captured for reference.

I have Three Pics to upload but, as a newbie I can’t upload more than one.

Hope I get a Solution.

Thanks In Advance!!!

Welcome to the forums, @Nadendlaraj. It’s not at all clear to me what your problem is. You’ve posted in the HTML/CSS forum, but your question doesn’t seem to be related to either of these.

(I’ve also removed the link from your post, as it didn’t seem to be relevant, and using keywords for the link text does tend to make it look like link-dropping.)

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Try a rem/# in robots.txt and monitor any changes.

#Disallow: comments/feed


Hi… @TechnoBear

First of all Thanks for the Response. Actually The Problem Occurring URL is https://www.alltechhope.com/free-movie-download-sites.

It shows me that the Method Not allowed by the Spider when Crawling. First I think, It is the Problem in My Robots.txt and changed it But, After that One more Problem Arrises.

It shows the URL/feed Isn’t responding by the Server and as well as the Xlmrpc.php file was isn’t executing at Proper Interval.

I Didn’t Understand What it Is?

Here is another Pic If you want to have a look

Hope, now you understand the Problem?

@John_Betong Thanks for the Response!!

I already Try that change but, nothing happens after that as well…

Ah, so this is a WordPress site. I wonder if your problem is related to the WP setup.

Hi. @Gandalf Thanks for the Response.

I don’t know whether it is related to WordPress Setup Or not. But, one thing I understand after trying several methods to solve the Problem.

I can’t solve it my own. So, I came here for the solution.

Hope I get a solution ASAP.

Your robots.txt file still shows

Disallow: /comments/feed/

If you don’t want that resource blocked, then you need to remove that line.

Your second image seems to relate to a different issue, but neither of them has anything to do with HTMl/CSS, as far as I can see. I’ll move this to the WordPress forum, in the hope you might get a better response there.


Thank you, @TechnoBear !!

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