I am broke.how to renew my domain

I bought a dot me domain last year and developed it over the time.Now it gets 4000+ unique visitors daily and i have earned smartly.But my ad agencie will pay me after 45days and i need to renew my domain this month.Pls suggest some ways how i can renew it

I don’t know if you are on one of the cheeper domain registrars. If not then you may consider looking at a site that charges less. If you no longer have a credit card, it may be more of an issue; although you can see if a given registrar will accept an email transfer (many will not).

I hope that things go better for you in the coming year and good luck getting this renewed.


Well if you can’t borrow the money from a friend, then you might want to try buysellads.com who I believe have a quick turn around with regards to payment, if your site qualifies and can find a buyer quickly.

This is why credit cards were a great invention and great for small businesses. Do you not have a credit card?

I don’t get it. Remember to save for rainy days. :wink:

If you take a job for few days, or work 2-3 hours/day during a week, you will be able to pay your domain.

Surely if you have been making money from the site you should have set aside enough to cover the expenses of the site such as the domain and hosting prior to spending the profits.

And with 4,000 unique visitors daily, I would think you’d be able to monetize the site and at least pay for the domain. Something is out of sync here. Maybe just bad financial planning I guess.

Isn’t a .me domain only about £25 a year?? - it is from wiserhosting.com

You can get them a lot cheaper than that e.g $9 a year at namecheap

That price is only for new domains. They charge $16 to transfer existing domains. That works out to just over ten pounds which is a lot cheaper than 25.

Did you consider asking a friend to pay it for you or lend you money to pay it?
Now if you save the domain the first money I would recommend to invest in some financial planning ( as “earned smartly” and spend it all so that I won’t have 10$ to renew “earned smartly” … this is a poor business )

Domains are below $9.00 really you can rise that much?
Go to fiverr and do some small jobs, or write an article and sell them. There are many sites where you can sell your services righ away.

You may want to check if you can use discount codes for your domain renewal, this will help lessen that amount that you need to pay. Offer your services in Fiverr, that’s an easy $5 for one gig. If you can get two gigs, then that will be enough to pay for domain renewal. Then you should learn from this mistake, make sure that you set aside money if you know that your domain is about to expire.

You need to put the domain on your credit card. If you don’t have one, I am sure you have good enough credit to get one asap.
It is better to lose a little money now and keep the strong domain.

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