I am a newbie to Blogging. Require Help


I am a newbie to blogging. I have uploaded web files to ftp server for web hosting , and I want to edit the home page through the blogger site http://www.blogger.com using FTP publishing. When I go to the “Name your blog” page of that site, I am unable to find the “Advanced Blog setup” link.

Would you please guide me ?

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You simply log into the back end, write your post and publish it… WP automatically makes it show the newest posts on the first page.

Thanks for your reply ! Molona !

But my query is not to create users. Actually how to configure the published posts to make it appear in my domain homepage, but not in my blog, when myself or the users click on the “publish” button.

Actually through blogger site, when FTP publishing option was available, it requires to copy the <blogger> tags from the HTML editor into the homepage web file directly. so any such similar steps available in wordpress. Please let me know.

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You have it right at the front page… bottom right… a link called “log in” that will take you to WP login page… once you are in (as an admin) then you can create new accounts for more people to use, with different levels such as writers, editors, or another administrator.

Hi Molona,

Thank you very much for your reply !

Surely I will follow your above advice in future. But I cannot edit the title now, as the option is disabled.

And regarding the FTP publishing through blogger to my web site, I tried the options that you have mentioned. But it did not display the page for inputting the FTP and web URL details. And, moreover I saw the comments on one of the blogger pages that they have stopped FTP publishing service and they are developing some Migrating tool.

So is there any other option for FTP publishing to choose other than blogger ? and what are the steps I need to follow for the same ?


If they’re developing a migration tool then you will have to use it to migrate your blog.


If you already have a blog and you didn’t do the migration, you should have a warning asking you to do so when you enter your blogger account.

Thanks Mitt. Post duplicated. Thread closed.

This discussion is continued here: How to update published posts on my home page ?

Hi Molona,

You have specified in your last thread that we can use wordpress for FTP publishing . Now I have my own domain and below is my actual query in using wordpress. can you please guide me now to any link ?, or if possible iterate the steps. Thanks !

I have already set up wordpress blog running as <snip>link deleted</snip>, and the blog directory in my domain root directory contains all the wordpress core files. The homepage index.html is in the root directory of my domain <snip>Link deleted</snip>

Now I need myself and the users to login to my blog
(<snip>Link deleted</snip>) and publish posts, so that it should be updated directly in my homepage index.html (<snip>Link deleted</snip>). This is similar to FTP publishing through blogger site (www.blogger.com)

Of course, if you have your own hosting and your domain, and want to use FTP, you may consider to use WordPress. It is not the biggest blogging platform for nothing :wink:

It used to be poossible but it seems that Google disabled that option because very few people used it and it took too many resources. You can have a custom domain though. That means that you can buy a domain (either to Google or someone else) and redirect to your blog at blogger. To other people will look as if you had your own site as normal. Even more if you change the blogger logo that shows up in the address bar

Can you really use FTP on free blogging account on blogger?

Ages since I used blogger.com but I’ll try to find it for you.

Can I just do a little, tiny, minimal, small suggestion?

When you title your thread, don’t say “I need help” or things like that. Be a bit more specific with what you want…

Saying that you need help means nothing to us… because we’re all here for the very same reason! :lol:

Just need to make sure that I understand this well… you are publishing in your own server and want to redirect your blog to your own page?

To go to the advanced configuration you need to go to your blog and click “settings” in the main menu. Then, you will have a sub-menu right under the main one, and you need to click “Publishing” which will show you the proper screen and it is there where you will have a link for advanced settings.