I am a chinese reader,how can I download this Code Achive?

[SIZE=“4”]What is the
“The code word for this download is the last word of chapter 7.”?

This really confused me,whether should i fill in the blank use a Chinese

word or an English one? I tried many times. I have a book bought from

amazon.cn,the copyright is OK. Expecting help from yours![/SIZE]

Hi linling,
If you email our support staff at books@sitepoint.com they will help you out.

Thanks!I will try.

I don’t have any experience with the problem you’re describing.
If I were you I’d try to contact the publisher.

My book is 《The PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, 2nd Edition》.
Do you have some experience about the problem of what i have met?
My book’s last sentence of chapter 7 is “don’t use it doing bad things”,maybe the English edition is like that,I just translated it from Chinese to English. I guessed some words like things,crime,purpose,but no one is passed.How can i get the answer,and the Code Achive?Should i contact the author,the publisher or the intepreter?For help.

I suppose that would be the version of the word the book was originally written in. So if it was originally written in English and later translated to Chinese it will probably be the English word. If the book was however originally written in Chinese it will probably be the Chinese word :slight_smile: