Hyperlink rollover disabled

Please could someone give me an insight and better still a solution regrading why my hyperlink rollover effect is disables in firefox V 3/5/9 but OK in IE 8 :mad:

Ive heighlighted it in the screen grab and here is the page -

Any insights welcome…

Thanks you fixed it :slight_smile:

First of all, the page won’t even BEGIN to load in my browser of choice - Opera.

In FireFox and IE both I don’t see a rollover state for the specified anchor. After a little more investigation, it doesn’t appear that you have applied a rollover state to that link in the CSS.

Your code has a lot of different issues going on…

Also, you shouldn’t need to use a DIV to clear floats.

You’re welcome :). Glad it worked.

Hi, your a:link and a:hover font colors are the same and as a result you can’t notice the difference … but the state is happening :). Just change the font color on hover to something you can actually see and it will work.