Hyperinflation is coming soon

I just heard that gold is going up again and QE3 is happening so expecting hyperinflation really soon. Better get stocked up now on everything that is inexpensive. I’ve noticed that smaller sizes are taking over the dollar store. Boxed mashed potatoes 13 oz are going to 10 oz and paper towels have gone from “biggie” size to half that. I got all the bigger sizes they had to try to stave off some of the impact, but I see it coming really, really soon. Hang on to your hats. Hopefully we can all weather this out.

Anyone have any other suggestions for really frugal living? I expect this to be as bad as the Great Depression.

Also, veterans are coming home looking for jobs that aren’t there. This is going to be really bad folks :frowning:

If you live in Luxembourg or The Netherlands, you shouldn’t worry about it too much. If you live in Greece, you should have been panicking for a while now so it is more of the same stuff. And I’m afraid that in my country we’ve also been panicking for a while as well as being unemployed for very long time so, again, it is more of the same stuff.

Times are rough but better times will come.

About living frugally… simply, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. And get white brands instead of the regulars ones. Don’t go out, visit your friends at their homes (or get them to visit you) and enjoy a walk in the park :slight_smile:

Eh, shouldn’t you be spending all of your cash asap instead of being frugal if it’s all gonna be worthless soon? Whether there will be hyperinflation or not, inflation is here and it’s bad - sucks to be a saver. So imo, now is the best time to spend as ever. Or invest in things that have value. But don’t save cash.

I know I’m not living frugal and don’t intend to. The more I spend the better. Of course that doesn’t mean borrowing to spend like those crazy Americans do. But these days, a penny saved is a penny wasted!

Personally, I save way too much and it’s hurting my bottom line like crazy. At times like this I wish I had a girlfriend to spend my money on jewelry and stuff :<