Huge Online Companies Not Mobile

Why is it that last time I went to a couple of huge online companies on my phone, their web page still use the desktop version and do not show responsiveness? It seems like it is not really a priority. Or, maybe they are swaying you to use their mobile app, 'cause it has more selling points. Right?

I do not have my phone with me right now, so I will guess on the sites: Craig’s List, Microsoft, Yahoo, or some other of those top 100 sites.

You will need to show specific examples as the microsoft home page is fully responsive.

The yahoo page is fully mobile when accessed via mobile.

Craigs list also shows differently on mobile.

The last two are not responsive on desktop but are fully optimised when accessed by mobile. Large companies have the facilities to maintain two separate sites one for desktop and one for mobile but many others will create responsive sites (like the microsoft page). There are always exceptions of course.

Indeed I would go as far to say that most large companies worth their salt have optimised for mobile although some will be better than others.

The stats show that you should ignore mobile at your peril just as high street stores that have not embraced internet shopping are all failing.

The fact is that mobile usage on the internet surpassed desktop usage some time ago and most internet visits these days are via a mobile device or tablet.


Ok, well said.

I like to keep the speed of my phone at its fastest. That means minimizing apps.

Knowledge is power.

Now it seems like my original question about why some companies do not go responsive was not valid. I need to give a web page that I am talking about.

I agree with your statement, but not your examples. Some of these websites are fully mobile ready but admittedly, there are a couple of large businesses that don’t have a fully operational mobile website which is counterproductive in this day and age.

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