Huge Drop of Website Traffic! What to do?

I have been experiencing a huge drop of website traffic for few days. The bounce rate is over 80% to 85% from Google Analytics. I don’t know what to do. What’s the reason behind this or How to get back to the previous state?

Are you saying that the bounce rate has increased in addition to a fall in overall traffic?

Have you made any changes to the site in the last few days which might account for this? Have there been any problems accessing the site?

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Thanks for the quick response.
Yes that’s what happened. bounce rate and fall in overall traffic as well. I launched the website few months ago and my traffic was 600-700 unique visitor per day, but from 2-3 days it’s showing strange statistics, that is only 20 to 30 visitors per day.!
I didn’t make any changes nor there was any issue accessing the website. Here is the visitor statistics:

And what were your primary sources of incoming traffic prior to this week? What happens when you review information for the last Month instead of the last Day?

(To reiterate Techno’s point - what changed)

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The source of traffic for last month:
i have just realized bounce rate and fall of traffic started from last month. I used to have decent amount of visitors til December, 2019.

Well, the point is to find out where your visitors WERE coming from, so that you can figure out why they STOPPED coming from there.

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