Http passworded pages affect seo?

I was wondering if http passworded pages have any affect on SEO and if they are crawled by search engines? So if anybody could clarify that it would be greatly appreciated it.


They’re not crawled by search engines - the bot can’t see them without the username and password.

Affect SEO: Um, yeah.

How do they affect SEO if they are not crawled by Search Engines? Wouldn’t it be that they are not included from the Search Engines perspective?

The search engine can’t read any of the content on the page.

So would you construct titles tags, meta descrip and other things that benefit SEO for this pages as well or does it not make any difference as these pages are not included in the search engines. Thats basically why I am asking this question to know if there is any point in doing on page seo work for this pages…

Appreciate the help

In a word, no. Since external search engines don’t have access to it (they will get a 403 error), there’s no need to go out of your way and cater to them for those pages.

No, there’s no point in doing any SEO work for these pages.

Optimizing those pages for SEO has no effect whatsoever.
None, zilch, nada, noppes.

Search engines can’t index what they can’t see.

You already asked that.
Two other members and me said “no”
guess the answer is “no” …

Double posted just saw it my internet is kind of slow right now…, Thanks for the help everyone …saved me a couple of hours of work tonight=)