$http [DELETE, PUT] all default to GET in remote server [AngularJS]

The http methods works in localhost but when deployed, DELETE, PUT and PATCH all default to GET

My Route
$app->delete('/projects/{id}', "projects.controller:delete")->before($loggedInFilter);


    return t.delete("projects/" + e.id).success(function() {
                    for (var t = 0; t < c.all.length; t++) c.all[t].id == e.id && c.all.splice(t, 1)
                }).error(function(e) {
                    alertify.log(e, "error", 2e3)

Really don’t know what else to do

Inspect the requests being made in the Network tab, if the requests are indeed DELETE, PUT and PATCH then the problem is in the php and you’ll find better answers in that channel.

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