HTTP Cookie

Can I use this*for setting/reading ‘remember me’ login cookies, or the purpose of this functionality is just for seding cookies via curl to a 3rdparty website or receiving cookie from a 3rd party website via curl etc. and cannot be used for setting remember me login cookie?

Hi nimasdj,

The manual for v2.0 had a section documenting the rememberMe function, but this seems to have disappeared in later versions.

A quick search suggests this function is still available via the SessionManager object, but the documentation doesn’t make any mention of this, so you’d have to check the source.

Thanks, then how can i auto-fill in login form eith saved credential using remember me when user came back ti form next time? I appreciate your help for my other two recent threads.

You wouldn’t, the next time a user visits your site, if their cookie hasn’t expired they’d be automatically logged in. Some browsers will offer to remember users’ credentials for a site, and auto-fill login forms, but that’s totally independent of your site and what cookies you set.

Ok. Thanks. Please help with my other 2 recent threads. Appreciate it.