HTTP_ACCEPT Not Working on AJAX Called PHP

I’m sending AJAX calls to a php file and on the top of the PHP file I have

if ((isset($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT']) === true) && (strstr($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'], 'image/webp') !== false)) {
//do something

That works on normal PHP pages, but fails on the PHP page being called by AJAX. What am I doing wrong?

all feedback appreciated!

Hi Ryan,

I doubt that AJAX requests send “image/webp” in Accept header
Usually there are something like application/json, text/html, text/javascript.
What are you trying to achieve with that code?

The ajax delivers back content to be displayed, and i’m looking for the image/webp in the accept header to see if I should return content with webp images or jpg images.

I guess on the front end I could do a string replace on the returned ajax data, swapping all “.jpg” with “.webp” or the other way around.

Right now my solution is that I make a cookie if webp in accept header upon opening the page, and then check for the cookie within the AJAX PHP file being called for more content.


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