Htmlentities( ENT_QUOTES)

Good day!

I want to know if how can I add the code for htmlentities in my code.

$tpl->set_block('handle', 'block_list', 'tag_list');
foreach($rows as $row) {
	$tpl->set_var(array('emp_id'=> $row['Emp_ID'],
						'lastname' => $row['Last_Name'],
						'firstname' => $row['First_Name'],
						'birthday' => date('d-m-Y', strtotime($row['Birthday'])),
						'sorting' => $sort,
						'id' => $row['Emp_ID']
	$tpl->parse('tag_list', 'block_list', true);

$tpl->parse('handle', array('handle'));

Thank you

This could depend on the the templating engine you’re using, many with automatically escape this for you.

It maybe worth visiting the documentation, if there is any, for the templating engine.

Thank you