Can someone explain to me the basic advances / advantages of HTML5 over the existing versions? Should I change over?


There are few if any advantages at this stage, as HTML5 doesn’t work in any browsers yet (not without some hacking, anyhow—though the real benefits of 5 are not available yet even so). The main reason for trying it now (if any) is to get familiar with it, though be aware that it can only exist within an artificial life support system of extra CSS and JavaScript at this stage. Also be aware that what you learn now may change before the spec is finalized.

You don’t have to “change over”. HTML5 is not replacing HTML4/XHTML1, it’s extending it in several ways.

Go ahead and learn about it, because eventually you may want to build something that takes advantage of some of the new stuff. is a good site to read through. is a good walk-through, from history to now.

See the huge ginormous red warning at the bottom of this page: HTML5

I can tell you the best thing I observed when HTML moved from v4 to v5, and it is implementation of video tag !
Now you can embed a video just by using a simple tag called, video !
And that will reduce most of the users who share video on there site problem…

That is a nice feature. But your statement should really read:

Now you will be able to embed a video just by using a simple tag called video!

Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:

The main advantage of HTML5 is that the functionality is built into the browser. so you can upgrade it. Thanks.