HTML5 - safer than the past? Interesting article

Someone (re) twotted this interesting article by a security dude, regarding HTML5 security versus What Came Before.

A bit of nostalgia for the days of heavy Flash, Java and ActiveX use, and what browsers have changed in the meantime. I think he’s more pointing out that maybe we’ve forgotten how bad browsers used to be rather than they were just ok and now are getting much better or so.

Frankly, when I first heard of stuff like localstorage, geo-loc, indexDB/websql, and the new second level of XHR (allowing cross-domain), as well as some of the hacks sec guys have been able to do themselves with WebGL’s ability to dig deeply into your system, I thought “Why didn’t these HTML5 guys consider this stuff a bit more seriously before committing patches and adding stuff to the spec?”

But so anyway I found this interesting and fun to read. Enjoy.