HTML5 Player Can't Fullscreen Out of iFrame on IE and Chrome

Take a gander at that page. With flash player, I can fullscreen on any browser no issue. With HTML5 player I can fullscreen in Firefox, and IE contains the fullscreen to within the iframe and Chrome only allows the fullscreen to expand to the max width of the frame.

It’s terrible.

Is there a solution for this? Need fullscreen for HTML5 to work properly.


In the CSS, that <video> (in the iframe SRC) gets an inline height/width set. That needs to be set to width:100%; and height:100%;

I’m currently unsure whether that height gets set in JS or hard coded as part of the page. I’m leaning towards Javascript, but I didn’t check.

Either way, you need to update that video height/width to 100%, instead of the pixel values that are currently being set.

If that is set in Javascript, and you don’t know how to do that, then simply let us know and we can move this to the Javascript forum to look at this more.

I just looked and that actual page you link…that has width=“880” and height=“450” set, which matches the video inline CSS styling (from the iframe page). So that makes me think you actually set it manually.

If that’s the case, you need to just update those inline CSS values (in the iframe page) (don’t touch anything else) and it’ll work.

I added this statically to the

style=“width:100% !important; height:100% !important;”

didn’t do anything. But noticed a surrounding div layer was being created, where it inputs the dimensions of the space. So after page loads I use javascript to update the CSS of the div layer to width:100% and height:100%.

Still fails to fullscreen properly.

here is direct link to page:

it won’t let you fullscreen out.

Actually, I found the script that was dynamically altering the css of video and shut it down. It’s now working great on chrome!

However, I still can’t break out of the iframe in IE. I can’t break out of the browser in IE either.


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