Html5 in javascript disabled IE

Can u suggest how to render html5/css3 page in ie 6/7 with the js disabled,as i want to use shiv,jquery etc…?

It’s not possible for any scripting to occur when js is disabled.

What could work is to use a conditional comment that sets up a redirect for Browsers using IE 7 or lower, so that you can take them to an alternative web page that looks pretty for them too.

<!--[if IE lte 7]>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=">

The only other solution is to place a conditional comment around every single HTML5 tag to replace it with an HTML4 tag, which results in incredibly messy pages and impossible to manage code.

Which is just part of why I say “Why the {nasty expletive omitted} would you want to use HTML 5 in the first place?”

Since it’s NOTHING more than unnecessary bloat and ways to break pages even in browsers that allegedly support it… HTML 5 is NOTHING more than a bunch of unnecessary extra markup setting coding practices BACK a decade.

Do yourself a favor, and FORGET IT… and use 4.01 Strict or XHTML 1.0 Strict instead.

As I’ve said several times, HTML 5 seems to have been created for a select few; people with their heads stuck up 1997’s backside, those who never embraced strict or separation of presentation from content, and those who just want to sell new books or scam clients with a new buzzword. It CERTAINLY does not seem to have been developed to improve the user experience or to make site developers lives easier.

Basically, it’s the new transitional – and transitional is for supporting old/outdated and half-assed coding techniques, NOT building new websites.