HTML5 CSS question

I’m building a website which has mostly html 4 pages but it contains at least 1 html 5 page. On all pages I have an image that is used for the title of the site, this image is in an apdiv tag, the position is set to absolute in the html 4 pages, but I have to set it to fixed in the html 5 page to get the same result. The html 5 page also has a video player on it that can be viewed in full screen mode and this is probably the reason I have to set it to fixed, but unfortunately the image stays put as I scroll down the page, unlike the html 4 pages. Is there some way I can fix this so the image scrolls as well ? Its not an overly big issue but I would prefer uniformity across the whole of the site. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanx.

You seem to be over thinking this a bit. HTML4 and 5 are not different. 5 just has a few extra features. It’s all just HTML, though, so the CSS will work the same on both pages, regardless of the doctype. Preferably, post a link to an example page and indicate what the problem is you are trying to solve.

Not at all, as I pointed out I think its the video player thats causing the problem. I don’t have a link at the present time, but maybe I can post some screenshots. When I set the postion to absolute in the html 5 page the page content shrinks to the center of the page with massive amont of white space on both sides, like plenty of sites I’ve seen. They don’t seem to cater for wide screen monitors, or they haven’t set the page out with percentages and ems or maybe the just like the whitespace on both sides of their content, I don’t know. Anyway good to here from a fellow aussie, and I’ll get back to you ASAP with a couple of screenshots, cheers mate.

Ok I’ve named the images that show the html5 page wrmvlplayerabsolute and wrmvlplayerfixed, the image placeholders that say anidragon I haven’t changed so you get a better idea and the video player isn’t showing at all as I don’t wish to show the actual images at the present time so I took the screenshots from copies so they wouldn’t be linked but I think you can still get the idea hope their not too big.


Hmm there too small actually, but you can still see the difference

OK, it’s still a little hard to work out what’s going on here without code, but the first thing to note is that this isn’t an HTML issue (whether 4 or 5). It’s just a CSS layout issue, perhaps caused by the nature / styling of the video element.

Using position (whether absolute or fixed) is usually not the way to go anyway, except for small elements inside elements in the normal flow. Could you perhaps make up a screen shot of how you’d like the page laid out, and then we can suggest a way to construct the page.

The bottom image is perfect, but the content of the page which is mainly just the video player and a couple of forms scroll up under the title image, I think I might not have the position of the div for the player set up properly as it was loading to the left on a blank page and I set it to align center so I could could copy and paste the html 4 page code around it, also the div for the player spreads across the whole page so I can’t put anything on either side of it only directly under or over it which is ok as not to much more will be going on the page anyway, cheers ralph.m