HTML table with no borders

Help me look at my solution to this problem. How did they achieve that bottom left part of the table that has no borders? Are my buttons spaced correctly at the bottom? What have I missed? I might even have everything wrong. Is it possible for tables to not have out-most left/right borders like in the pic?

Provide the markup (HTML only, not the CSS) for the following page fragment. Include the IDs
and class names you think are needed to flexibly style the fragment. Include any notes and
comments about the markup you wish.

Here is my codepen


borders are controlled from CSS.

There is at least one mobile browser where all the borders always show regardless of the CSS.

The empty-cells property sets whether or not to display borders and background on empty cells in a table (only for the “separated borders” model).

empty-cells: show|hide|initial|inherit;

Sounds like {empty-cells:hide} would do it.

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