Html symbols for seo

To represent inches by use of a symbol, what is the way to go for seo/indexing purposes among these three choices:

&#8243 //


Am already using on same page:

&#189 // represents 1/2 fraction

I’m intrigued as to why you think this is an SEO question…

For a start, when people search, they almost invariably use words, and for a small proportion of advanced users may also use search operators such as " - : but I can’t see people searching for non-alphanumeric symbols very often.

For a second, as long as your code is correct (ie, you aren’t using UTF8 characters in an ISO8859-1 document and you aren’t using named entities in an XHTML document), I can’t believe that it makes any difference. Named entities, hexed entities and literal characters are all absolutely equivalent.

The concern is about the relation to the [I]meaning as an inches abbreviator.

Are all equally representative as the others for specifically infering an inches value, etc.
Does the " (end quotation) in particular have the innate quality of the others in terms of denoting measurement data, etc [/I]

Given that &#8243 is listed as meaning inches and " is listed as a quotation mark, I would say that if you want to be sure it’s recognised as meaning inches, you should use the one that’s specified as meaning inches. :slight_smile: