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Hey Folks,

I’m thinking of finally adding a shopping cart to my site and want to keep it as simple as possible. I’m hoping to get it done using HTML and CSS only.

Before I dive headlong into trying to figure out how I’m going to do this, please tell me something.

Is this even doable?

No it’s not doable. At least my feeble brain can’t think of a way. A shopping cart means adding and deleting items from a cart, tracking it to a particular customer, tallying up prices - all of which require actual code, not a page layout script.


Yes, this is going to need some programming logic to work, probably both client side and server side and likely a database too.
If you are not comfortable in handling this, there are several pre-made Ecommerce products you could use, to save re-inventing the wheel.


OK, so how about HTML, CSS and JS?

I’ve thought about prefab carts, but my intuition (admittedly uninformed) is that any of these would weigh down and complicate my site considerably. The benefit would not justify the cost in terms of money and burden on the site.

Initially at least , I would expect only an occasional sale of custom made and refurbished hand drums, though I can envision eventually offering repair parts for do-it-yourselfers. I won’t be offering shoes, hair regrowth products or sexual aids, etc.

You are still going to need something server side.

I may have been making assumptions, but I took your preference to use only HTML & CSS as a reluctance to get involved in actual programming code.
If that be the case I would strongly recommend using a prefab cart, as doing it yourself is no task for someone who just isn’t into programming. It’s not an easy thing to get right unless you are a very confident, competant programmer.

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I think that would be disastrous for you financially. Hackers would easily get any secrets you provide in JavaScript, such as bank account numbers and passwords. Everything your script would use would be available to everyone.

This is why server side is necessary at the very least.

OK, I’m getting it. Thanks guys.

I’ve opened an account with Ecwid, and just getting the settings on payment, shipping, etc.done correctly is not trivial.

I’d soon get lost :scream: trying to program what Ecwid will do for me.

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