HTML pages slow to open when editing

Not sure this is the place to post this question but I will ask it anyway. I have been using Scite for years to edit my website and never have had a problem. Starting a couple of days ago when I construct or edit a page, and then click on the html page (in my Documents) it seems to take forever for it to open. I am using IE 10 as a browser. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

Stop using IE lol

Consider something more modern, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Yeah I suggest chome fastest of all seasmless as well as open fast take less resource of your computer. Google instant search srvices and many good things are there. THough most of devlopers suggest mozilla firefox due to add-ons but i go for chrome!

Presumably Barnum is not having difficulties with IE10 in general being slow, but simply when trying to open local pages. Does anybody have any constructive comments or suggestions which do not involve changing browser?

So @Barnum could you upload for us this file which loads slowly ? The problem might be your computer also.