HTML form validation without block submit

I have very hard (for me) problem. I need to validate input form, I have used template with HTML validation. There are 2 problems:

  1. validation not check empty field non required, but I need to show alert icon for all the input, also which are not required;
  2. I need only to show validation result with icon, but I need to continue the submit.
    How I make it?
    Thanks a lot,

Something like this but with an icon?

Hi Archibald and thanks for the reply.
I would like it to work like html validation, directly when loading the form. I would like to do it with js but, I would have to intercept several events and show validation icons next to each input and I don’t know how to do it. I was wondering if there was a simple method to proceed to submit bypassing the html validation block in case of empty (required) or invalid (pattern) input.
Thanks, Gabriele.

Hi Gabriele,

Is this getting closer to what you want?

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