HTML Form and PayPal Integration?

I’ve been given the task of creating an online order form for the company I work for. I just finished school and haven’t done anything this in depth yet. Here is what I am trying to do…

We need an online order form where students can log-in and order their portraits. If it was simply creating PayPal buttons I would be able to handle it.

What I want to do is have a form with required fields that are submitted along with the portraits the individual ordered.

Something like this…

Student Name:
Telephone Number:
Job Number:
Pose Number:

Then have a PayPal button most likely with a dropdown menu for the portriat packages

Followed by the option to select additional single prints along with a quantity (not sure how I’m going to do this)

I need the form info and the order info to be submitted together for our records and so the retoucher/printer know where to find the image, which pose to use, and what package to print.

Any idea how I can do this?

You’ve already got another thread running on this, so I’m closing this one - please continue in