Html form acting badly

I just installed a form (right sidebar on page belos) that’s table based. And the vertical spacing is off above and below “Departure Date.” Can anyone tell me why?

Also, how can I set the arrival date to current date, and the departure date to the day after current date?

I fixed the spacing issue, but still need to know how to set the Arrival Date to the current date, and the Departure Date to the day after the current date.

Perhaps tell us a bit about where you got the code for that. Anyhow, this looks more like a JS question now, so moved to that forum. (Web content is really for issues of text etc. rather than code.)

It’s an HTML form, which I got from the reservations engine provider. It’s not JS, but HTML. What forum would be appropriate for that?

Aha! I see a forum for (X)HTML. I posted there.

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