HTML entities needed

I notice in the dictionaries that vowels with a long bar on top tell you how it is pronounced. Do you know where I can find the HTML equivalent of those letters with the bar on top?

I seen many sources for HTML entities, but I haven’t found any for letters with the bar on top. I want to show pronunciations in a glossary.

Steve H

If you’re referring to the International Phonetic Alphabet (which is part of UTF-8), Wikipedia has an good article about it. If you’re referring to some non-standard pronunciation notation, you can do this:

Som<span class="topbar">e</span>thing
.topbar {
 text-decoration: overline;
} uses utf-8 and it appears those characters are available in that character set.

Check the source of

I copied the a from the dictionary site and pasted it in and it works. However, how did they get that letter in there in the first place?

Steve H

On any windows based computer you can hold down the alt key and then type in the numeric code for the character you want so as to be able to enter any unicode character.

Yes, but I have not found any place which has a listing of characters that have a flat bar on top. That is the main issue with the OP. Where is the coding for the vowels having a bar on top that can be used on and HTML page?

Steve H

There are lots of lists online:

There are not html entities (such as &amp; for &) for each character. But unicode includes all characters and symbols you are likely to come across in most languages, including letters with a straight bar over the top.

If you go to this page,

it gives you all of the unicode charts for various letters and symbols.

If you click on Latin Extended-A, you’ll see a pdf file with a chart with all kinds of letters and symbols.

You’ll find an a with a bar over the top, with the number 0101 underneath it, and an e with a bar over the top with 0113 underneath. You can use these numbers to insert symbols into your html page.

For an a with a bar over the top, insert this into your code: &#x0101;

For an e with a bar over the top, insert this into your code: &#x0113;

Hope that helps.

Just worth pointing out… The character map in Windows has a reference to the alt code required (in the status bar) which you can use for referencing. :slight_smile:

Also these sites may be useful:

Thank you, Ralph.m for responding to the OP accurately. Those codes worked perfectly!

I am well aware of many lists of codes for the various symbols, since I have them handy on my iPod touch to look up immediately - I just haven’t found the code containing a vowel with a bar on top. I did not need yet another list of links to various general html entity pages, but the code for the vowel with a bar on top! LOL!

Thanks again for everyone’s help.


Yes, I know what you mean. There are lots of them. When I get stuck, I usually turn to the unicode page (to which I linked in my last post) as it contains everything—though not necessarily in the most easy-to-find format.