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How can U make HTML emails more responsive over mobile? The Emails went ill over mobile and tab

Building html emails is a specialised skill and unless you are extremely proficient at css and html it would be better to use one of the free templates around and adapt that to your needs (or reverse engineer it).

I do not understand that part.

If you can be specific about what you have tried then you are more likely to get specific and relevant responses.

Creating a responsive HTML email is a little different than creating a responsive web page.

This is due to the fact that email providers and apps have vastly varying levels of compatibility for HTML and CSS standards. HTML email may not always support features like media queries, flexbox, grid, and JavaScript that are standard on the web (and JavaScript can never be used in email because it would pose a security risk, and as such is always stripped out).

We need to be careful about how we create responsive email themes because some email clients don’t support CSS media queries. The most prominent example of this is Google’s official Gmail client for Android and iOS, which only enables media queries when accessing Gmail accounts and not when accessing emails from other services (like Yahoo or an IMAP account). Another client that will not process your media queries is the Yahoo app for Android, unless you use a trick that involves including the full head of your document twice, which can be removed by your sending platform.

Building responsive emails that render flawlessly everywhere can be challenging due to situations like these and the fact that Outlook for Windows only supports a subset of the CSS2.1 specification.

The good news is that you can use the fluid hybrid email coding method to design and develop a basic email that looks great in every mail program, including ones that don’t support media queries.
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