Html email

1.please i am trying to send a list out as html email but it comes out as text 2. while i was trying to search for solution i found this comment
"As I reiterated in another thread, that’s why I’ve got my servers set up to route HTML E-mails to the junk bin by default. They are more headache than they are worth, no LEGITIMATE e-mail traffic has ANY excuse to be using it… so just don’t use HTML e-mails. Poof, problem solved. "

which left me wondering if there is another way to format the email into table so as not to use html format.

please help check this code, why it is not sending the table.

   //Get list to email user
   $body = "<html><body><table border='1'>
<th>Shop Name</th>
<th>Product Name</th>
<th>Color Name</th>
$pplresult = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM repplac");
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($pplresult)){
    $body .= "<tr>
        <td>" . $row['Sname'] ."</td>
        <td>" . $row['Pname'] ."</td>
        <td>" . $row['Psize'] ."</td>
        <td>" . $row['Pcolour'] ."</td>
        <td>" . $row['Pquantity'] ."</td>

$body .="</table></body></html>";

   //Send email
$to = $email;
$headers = "From: \\r\

            Content-type: text/html\\r\

deathshadow60 has his opinion about how things should and shouldn’t be coded which is fine, but with all the technologies out there now and techniques people use you can’t rely on one person’s opinion as in the end your personal choice will always get the better of you.

Back on topic though, what you have above is so simple there is no reason it can’t be sent as HTML. See the following post by Chris Coyier which explains how to code and use HTML in emails.