HTML email + outlook web app

I’m developing a HTML email using very basic HTML markup. Tables, inline CSS etc.
Does anyone know a workaround for the Microsoft webmail outlook adding extra padding/spacing between paragraphs and table cells.
I’ve tried setting margins and padding to zero. This has no effect, also trying to override it with !important has no effect either.

Does anyone have any ideas??


Because <p>s are so buggy, I tend to avoid them and separate plain blocks of text with <br>. I know it’s horror code, but it’s more reliable. (Some clients strip out <p>s anyway, like Hotmail.) You could also use a <font> element instead of <p> if you want to be totally evil. :smiley:

Within the <table> tag I always set border, spacing and padding to zero, too:

<table width=“600” border=“0” cellspacing=“0” cellpadding=“0”>

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph for ur thoughts but I’ve already got these properties set in my tables. Even set all the td’s to have set widths, and heights. Still it adds extra spacing.

Do any of your table cells have padding on them? I’ve found in Outlook that if you put padding on one cell in a row, you have to put the same padding on all of them, else the padded cell will end up being taller than the others! (Kooky, I know…)

Nope no padding just width and height.
Note this looka fine in desktop outlook, just not in online webmail outlook

You could just strip out all the HTML garbage so it’s not automatically sent to the junk box or refused at a relay… like how my server is set up to deal with ANY e-mail that contains HTML…

Since no legitimate e-mail traffic warrants the use of HTML… It’s like the easiest SPAM filter there is.