HTML development → From Novice to Intermediate to Ninja

​ Dealing freelancers on the websites like are very frustrating. The majority of the time you end up with Juveniles there who themselves do not have a clear understanding of what they are doing. It is difficult to get quality from that kind of freelance edition and on top of everything you loose so much of your precious time, which is an irreversible setback. I decided to took the matter in my hand. I wanted to learn HTML development and that too with correct pedagogy, latest trends, and best industry practice.

I have the access to SitePoint Premium, and also to tutsplus.

Currently, I am following up these two courses →

  1., and

Please suggest me how should I advance. I want to make a simple responsive HTML somewhat similar to this one

Left-hand side sidebar, Right-hand side sidebar, Full width, and then convert that to WordPress(with high-quality coding that I am learning these days) and distribute it free of cost.

I hope that I would be able to accomplish this much in next 2 months. please suggest me if there are any reference learning links, Pens etc. Your advice and opinions are highly appreciated.

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