HTML/CSS template?

Hi guys

I’ve made a web template for a client but I want to show it them in their browser without actually having any of it coded.

Is there any chance someone can quickly write up a little html document which will allow me to specify a background image, and a main body image which will be centered so it will look in the browser how it should - except it will all be images.

Any ideas??

Thanks guys!

Can’t you just send it to them as a jpg?

I would agree with the jpg suggestion. But if you really want to create an almost realistic html page for them, you could use something like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <title>Your Title Here</title>
   <style type="text/css">
       body { background: #COLOR url(background-image-url.jpg) repeat; }
      <img src="main-image-url-here.jpg" />

You would run into sizing issues. The browser window could be either too big or too small to view the image as-is. Displaying the image “as a webpage” wouldn’t really do it much justice and wouldn’t really be representative of how the template would actually operate/render in a browser.

That’s why I would recommend sending a jpg. But I thought I’d give the OP the option if thats what he really wanted to do.

I’d simulate a browser screenshot. You can use tools such as this one for that: Free Photoshop browser templates for webdesigners and screendesigners |

If you do a search on “photoshop browser window” you’ll get plenty more results similar to the one I posted above.