Html css site convert into wordpress child theme


I installed WordPress locally using WAMP. I also installed twenty sixteen theme and created a child theme.

I am trying to move my site to WP using a child theme.

I am trying to achive the following:

  1. keep HTML and CSS unchanged including class names and IDs
  2. get rid or desactivate features of twenty sixteen which are not needed considering my markup and CSS

Can you guys take a look at my site markup and give some advise on what would be a good place to start modifying a child theme considering markup and css of my site? My understanding I should start with header.php (copied from parent) in my child theme…

I’ve gone throught WP Codex and other tutorials on how to convert html css static sites into WP. However, my understanding that every WP theme is different so I thought its a good idea to ask here before I start messing with code. Also I don’t have much knowledge of PHP. Never used it before.

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