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The website says it is possible to make a mobile phone app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have 2 questions:

  1. Would you recommend essentially writing a Mobile App using these coding languages? Basically - it sounds like an App is just like building a website!?

  2. Also do you know the cost of adding an App to the Apple and Android AppStores? If it is thousands of pounds then my project might not be viable anyway!



all are application language

Hi. It depends what you want to do. If you are just writing an app for your own use, you don’t have to worry about publishing it on the play store (or equivalent) and the publishing costs.

I looked into what it costs to put an app onto the play store, and I think it was £25 at the time I read it. So that’s not too bad. That probably explains why there are quite a few free apps out there - £25 is pretty cheap if you go on to do more apps, and having one free app out there is good advertising if you do want to go into business properly.

I have no idea what it is like publishing to the Apple or other sites, but I would bet even if it is more, it wouldn’t be £££’s.

Apps are coded in HTML/CSS and JavaScript (and similar) because they are commonly used languages. Also apps are downloaded and often interact with the internet, so it is hardly surprising that they use the same codes - it reduces the delays and errors caused by conflicts in the software.

I hope you aren’t too daunted and have a go. I’m giving it a go and I have very little experience with the latest codes. I have dabbled before with HTML and CSS, but looking forward to having a working app to show for my efforts!

I have made several apps with PhoneGap/Cordova and have even started a blog site to tell others what I’ve learned.

  1. It is EXACTLY like building a web site, with some differences. You’ll have to deal with coding for various screen sizes, but that is taken care of by learning about Responsive Web Design. You’ll also need to know that the phones don’t have servers, so you can’t use server-side technologies in the mobile app - you can’t include php pages, for instances. Such pages need to stay on the server and you can access them with the app.

  2. Apple charges $99 a year to host your app on its store. Google, if I recall correctly, charges $25 once. I have apps in both places.

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